The Holtonian

Mirror, mirror on the wall. . . who’s the strongest of us all?

Nicole Darveaux

March 16, 2012

Students have been dedicating their time to the weight room all year long so they can show off all of the work in a few short hours during the annual lift-a-thon.  Students collected pledges for the amount of weight each would...

Beightel to fill Maxwell’s position

Garett Beecher

March 15, 2012

Linda Maxwell, school secretary for Holton High School is turning over a new page in her life. Maxwell plans to quit her job as a secretary for Holton High School and pursue a new career at the Denison State Bank. This leaves...

Students apply real-world geometry skills to projects

Kaitlin Peterson, photographer

March 15, 2012

  Geometry students have been working with 3D objects and finding their volumes and surface areas under the direction of student teacher Lisa Wade. Last Friday Wade gave her classes a handout saying that they must make...

Softball season begins

Emmy McManigal, Features editor

March 13, 2012

  The sound of a bat cracking, a ball whizzing by, or the pop of leather as a player catches a ball. Yep, it’s softball season. Soon, all of those sweet sounds will be combined with the cheering of fans, the crowd munching...

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