The Rundown – March Edition

Zach P. and Jacob T., Sports Editors of Awesome

Basketball winding down, Baseball starting up, looks like its time for the Rundown. Jake and Z going harder than ever

Rundown word of the Day: Ham,

Definition: not sure

Usage in a sentence: We gonna go “Ham” tonight and win this game.

Start using it every chance you get people, Z better be hearing it in the halls or he get upset.

Congratulations to the Girls basketball team for making it to state for the 6th year in a row. That’s gotta be a record

Congratulations on a great season to the wrestlers and good job to all the wrestlers that competed at state

As for the boy’s basketball team, it was a great year and the memories we all made together will never be forgotten

It’s time for March Madness Baby, the Kansas State wildcats are poised for a huge tournament run this season. Rodney McGruder gonna lead us to the promise land.

As for the Jayhawks, good for you, you made it again. Now maybe you let someone else win a Big XII title. One word, SELFISH

Linsanity sparked Harvard to their first NCAA tournament appearance since 1946. Congratulations to the Crimson, that Lincredible.

Linsanity is still Lingering, but the Knicks need to start Linning again if the want to make it to the LinBA playoffs.

Rajon Rondo’s performance against the New York Knicks was Linsane, 18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists. Why on earth would the Celtics want to trade Mr. Rondo?? Sure he throws basketballs at Refs, but c’mon those are some good stats

The masked mamba is a force to be reckoned with, the Lakers are looking to make a late-season surge into the playoffs. Heck as soon as Kobe’s nose heals, I vote he keeps the mask, his intimidation level is sky-high

ZP dislikes the Heat from Miami, therefore I’m going to give a shoutout to the Miami Heat, let’s get it done not once, but twice, three times, four, five, six maybe.

Now on to god’s sport, Baseball

The Royals are no longer undefeated this spring, dangit

Predictions for the upcoming year, Z has the Royals winning the World Series, L’eggo!

More realistically though, the Royals will finish second in the division behind the Tigers that cheated and stacked their team. Forgot

Hosmer going to rock the Mohawk hairstyle this year again, that alone will boost his batting average up 10 points.

Question: How the heck did Ryan Braun avoid the 50-game suspension?

Answer: He lied, he did the Roids. Not that hard.

The Diamondbacks, Giants, and the Bees all played against each other in a spring game recently, the swarm of several hundred bees interrupted the game leaving multiple stings on players and fans. Definitely gives a new meaning to the phrase, “beeline for Home

Bounty hunters playing in the NFL? That just sounds messed up.

According to sources, previous New Orleans Saints, defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams offered money to take certain people out of the game including targets such as Brett Favre, and Michael Vick.

Peyton Manning is officially going to be released from the Colts organization.

ZP says he will end up in the greatest city on earth, known as Kansas City and will be in red this season.

I respect that

Matt Cassel, you might as well start requesting a trade.

As you are reading this last part, you might as well start applauding, this was definitely Z and Jakes best effort on behalf of the Rundown. Your thanks are appreciated and stay fresh.

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