The Rundown – January 19th edition

Jacob Tanking and Zach Porter

–       Running it down like there’s no next year…. Wait their might not be

–       Kansas State fell to the Razorbacks of Arkansas… The night of the game, the Holton boys basketball team beat Perry- Lecompton and also beat the odds and didn’t find out the score of the game

–       It wasn’t till later that night that Trent messed up the DVR and we saw the final score before we even saw the game…. Thaaaaankkss Treeennntttt.

–       Kansas Jayhawks are playing well, Thomas Robinson is definitely an all American candidate in my book.

–       Kansas State Basketball is also rolling, Taking down Mizzou and almost knocking off the top ranked Baylor Bears. Hopefully Frank can get the guys rolling after another notorious bad start in conference play.

–       Shout out to Jon Holliday for being recognized as Regional Coach of the Year.

–       Shout out to my favorite math teacher, and Head football coach, Mr. Barta for getting inducted into the Shrine Bowl Hall of Fame.

–       Not going to lie, I think all of Holton High School was pulling for the Broncos in the playoffs. Broncos winning, equals less Middlemist which leads to easier PE classes.

–       Unfortunately Tebow Time was all spent on the Steelers.  Timmy Tebow is going to have to work on using it sparingly in the offseason in order to be successful next year.

–       The Rangers spent about as much money on Yu Darvish as JY spends driving to Topeka every weekend.

–       Shout out to Tyler Burdiek taking on the new Sabetha basketball floor. 7 stitches… I think the ground won that one.

–       Ravens over Pats

–       49ers over New York football Giants

–       Superbowl Sunday is going to have to change it’s title to Brodown Throwdown, Harbaugh V Harbaugh.

–       Boycott ESPN due to the fact that they supported the SOPA bill being proposed in congress.

–       Follow the fake Zach Porter on Twitter, it’s just Z bein Z

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