State Volleyball

Haley Jacobs

The girls are making history! With a record of 34-3 the Holton Volleyball team is on their way to state in Salina.


“It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I’m glad that our team has gotten this far and I wouldn’t want to experience this without the people that I’m with,” Victoria Harshaw, Senior said.


The game will be held in Salina on the 28th of October. If the girls win on Friday night then they will move on to play for first place on the 29th.


“I’m really excited to go and see the girls this weekend. I was so proud that they made it as far as they did,” said Rachel Bryant, sophomore.


After Friday nights football game the girls knew they had to step up their game in order to defeat Hayden. Even with the rough loss, the football boys and coaches still came and supported the volleyball team. With all the support from the fans the girls pulled it off and won against Hayden.


“Watching the girls come together as a team and play as good as they did really made me proud of them. I’m glad to call them my volleyball family,” Mikayla Booth, sophomore said.


The girls really appreciate the support. Good luck Lady Cats!

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